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The Rules!


1) Sign up! The sign-up period will go through September 28th or when 30 people have signed up, whichever comes first. After you sign up, make sure to join the community and also watch it. Tracking posts made to the community so that you get an e-mail when a new post is made is highly recommended. This will help you avoid not seeing that you've been tagged. (Go to this page then check the box under e-mail across from "Someone posts a new entry to run_the_con." If you need more help, please let me know.)

2) Tagging: On October 1st, the mod will make the initial prompt to start the challenge, and tag a participant from the master list. After that, when posting (or passing), each writer will tag and prompt someone from the participant master list who has not yet posted a story. Please note exclusion dates next to participants' names. I will strike through those participants who have already played, and writers should only tag someone who hasn't already taken their turn.

3) Prompts: The prompt you choose needs to be non-character-specific and non-genre-specific. It should also be very short--a word or a phrase or a very short sentence such as a song lyric.

3) Posting: Within 24 hours from the time you are tagged, post a story, and in your post to the community tag somebody else with a prompt. The story can be posted directly to the community or you can link to your own journal, AO3, etc. [Just to clarify, your story or story link with the new tag needs to be a new post to the community.] You're welcome to post your fic to other communities at any time after you post it here.

4) Passing: If you get tagged and aren't able to write and post a story that day, just pass within your 24-hour period, and you'll remain a part of the challenge to be tagged again later. To pass, post to the community to let us know you're passing, and tag somebody else. You can pass along the same prompt given to you or create a new prompt. If you don't either post a story or pass within 24 hours, you'll default on the round, and I'll post a new tag. (In reality, I'm not sitting around with a stopwatch waiting to cut you off at exactly 24 hours. As long as I haven't posted a mod tag yet, you still have time.)

5) If you default: First, please don't feel bad; it happens, it's just a fic challenge. Second, if you still want to participate please contact me. If you don't contact me your name will be crossed off the participant list for the current round, but you'll be welcome to play again in future rounds. If you do contact me, I'll be happy to leave your name on the list to give you a second chance. If you wrote a story but couldn't get it posted on time for whatever reason, let me know and you'll have an opportunity to post it at the end of the round.


1) Minimum length: 300 words. Any rating.

2) Stories can be gen, slash, femmeslash, het, poly or anything else I haven't mentioned here. They can involve any characters or pairing as long as one of them is Neal, Peter, Elizabeth, Diana, Clinton, Mozzie, June or the actors who play those characters. Please remember that prompts are not to give any direction on pairing or genre so there will be no reason for anybody to write (or read) a pairing or genre they don't enjoy.

3) Stories must focus on the depth of the emotional connection between the main characters. Stories can be happy or angsty or funny or sweet or sexy or any combination thereof. They can be intricately plotted, or they can be 1000 words of snuggling. We believe that "schmoop" can be qualified as "a truly excessive level of warmth and bonding between two characters" -- with or without romance involved -- your choice. (Thank you to silverbullets for this verbiage!)

4) Stories must have some clear connection to the prompt, but the words of the prompt don't need to be included in the story or followed word-for-word.

5) Warnings: Please use your own judgement when it comes to warnings, but please refrain from warning for things that are made clear by the pairing. (For example, don't warn for het or slash or boykissing or whatever. However, warning for excessive cuddling is allowed. :D)

6) Spoilers: Please warn if your story contains spoilers for the most recent three episodes or any future episodes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please either comment here or PM me, embroiderama.
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