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Round Two Sign-up Post

Welcome to the (slightly belated) sign-up post for the second round of run_the_con! For information on how this works, please read the rules post and if you have any questions please IM me or comment on that post. If you'd like to promote the comm on your journal (please do!) there's a banner code here.

Everybody is welcome, as long as you're prepared to write a story of at least 300 words on 24 hours notice. The challenge will run through March or possibly a bit longer based on how many times people pass. All genres, all pairings, all characters are welcome.

I'm trying a new thing for this round--in the very simple sign-up form below there's a spot to optionally indicate up to two days that you DO NOT want to be tagged. You may want to consider days through the first week of April, just in case the round runs long. I can't guarantee that you won't be tagged, but I'll note those days next to your name on the participant master list. No explanations needed.

Copy and paste this text into your comment below.

The sign-up period will go through March 3rd or when 30 people have signed up, whichever comes first. After you sign up, make sure to join the community and also watch it. The first tag will be on March 4th.

Sign-ups are now closed!
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